Fintern is the future of consumer lending
We're changing the way consumer credit decisions are made by using AI, Open Banking and alternative data to expand access to low-cost personal finance.
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We unlock cheaper loan options for consumers by going beyond credit scores

Credit scores have barely changed since the 1980’s, yet they remain entrenched in consumer finance, denying hundreds of millions access to affordable finance globally.

We understand that people are more than their credit score.

Render, our AI credit decisioning platform, offers a fairer and more accurate alternative. Render uses real-time bank transaction data to empower any lender to make better decisions and expand access to affordable credit.

Founded in 2020, Fintern operates two businesses: Abound and Render.Abound is our UK consumer lender that uses Render's credit decisioning platform to provide affordable loans to underserved customers.

Abound has achieved a 70% reduction in default rates compared to market expectations, demonstrating the effectiveness of Render's technology.

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Abound is expanding access to affordable consumer lending in the UK. Abound offers unsecured personal loans up to £10,000.

Some lenders only look at credit scores. Abound looks at the full picture – what you earn, how you spend, and what's left at the end.

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Meet Render, our credit decisioning platform that uses AI and open banking transaction data to build a fairer and more accurate alternative to credit scores.

We understand that people are more than their credit scores. We empower consumers to leverage their transaction data so that lenders can truly understand each of their unique financial situations and make better, more informed decisions.

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